I am Mara, a freelancer specialized in 2D animation 
with a passion for characters.

What I do

In 2013 I started working in the animation industry as an Animator and occasionally Character Designer.
Over the years, I have collaborated with several animation studios to create engaging animations filled with appealing characters.


2D animation is my area of expertise, ranging from traditional animation to Motion Graphics. I have created content for very varied projects: advertising, TV series, NGO's videos and music videos. I enjoy using animation to enhance the storytelling, infusing it with personality and movement.

Design & Illustration

I also love illustrating and doing character designs. I believe it is crucial to bring out the character's personality even in a single image and create something that the audience will empathize with.


When I work with private clients or agencies that come to me with a concept, I am happy to help them develop a visual style and rhythm for the animation that will bring their ideas to life.